Keynote Speaker Profile 21-3-18: Paul Lewin

Name: Paul Lewin

Business Name: Paul Lewin Photography

Position: Owner

Problem you solve: We create business images that help drive new business

Brief business outline: Photographer for Peopls, Places and Product

Positioning Statement/USP: Creating brand and positioning images that attract new business

Ideal client: Small and medium size businesses that want to grow

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Keynote Speaker Profile 14-3-18: Joe Ward

Name: Joe Ward

Business Name: BOSS Pest & Termite Solutions

Position: Director

Problem you solve: Rid our clients homes and businesses of all manner of vermin, including termites.

Brief business outline: We provide general pest control and termite inspections & treatments to the greater Brisbane area.

Positioning Statement/USP: We kill stuff

Ideal client: Body corporate managers who would like to deal with well priced and reliable contractors.

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Keynote Speaker Profile 07-03-18: Paul Farmer

Name: Paul Farmer

Business Name: Mentoris Group

Position: Managing Director

Problem you solve: Creating Clarity and Direction for Businesses and Leaders through strategic conversation

Brief business outline: We help businesses and leaders get clear on their direction and ultimate end game, then giving them structure to help stay on the path to their desired destination.

Positioning Statement/USP: Creating Clarity and Direction through Conversation

Ideal client: 1) Businesses without a Management team or a board who want to grow

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Keynote Speaker Profile 28-2-18: Luke Archer

Name: Luke Archer

Business Name: MP Life Transformations

Position: Director

Problem you solve: Life long habits that put on excess body fat and make us age quicker than we should.

Brief business outline: We are here to help you look better, feel better and function better - long term. Having been in the fitness industry for over 8 years, we have seen the massive variety of fitness fads, crash diets and crazy workouts that come and go. That's why it's so important for us to deliver exercise, nutrition and mindset tools that are firmly based in science and have been proven effective time and time again. We want to help you achieve sustainable results, not just a quick fix, so all of our personal training, group fitness and nutrition programs have been research-proven to do just that. Plus, we want you to have a heap of fun whilst training with us, whether it's at our New Farm personal training studio or in the comfort of your own home - after all, life's better when you're laughing!

Positioning Statement/USP: We are big believers in community and we strive to create a real "family feel" in everything we do at our New Farm personal training studio. Our goal is for you to feel empowered by the knowledge that we give you and for you to feel comfortable and safe in our space. We really care about you and your results and we aim to deliver massive value in everything we do. We want to be your biggest supporters!

Ideal client: Corporations that want the most out of there team. They want the best out of their team!

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Keynote Speaker Profile 21-02-18: Jonathan Mamaril

Name: Jonathan Mamaril

Business Name: NB Lawyers

Position: Principal and Director

Problem you solve: We assist businesses by providing practical legal advice in the areas of Employment Law and Immigration Law

Brief business outline: We specialise in helping Business Owners, Directors, Managers and Boards navigate the difficult area of employment and contracting law to mitigate risk and liability and help the business utilise the law as a benefit as opposed to a liability

Positioning Statement/USP: NB Lawyers are the Lawyers for Employers with most of the lawyers picked for unusual backgrounds and experience in the trade union movement, Employer Associations and Regulators ensuring a double sided and practical approach with a strategic nuanced approach

Ideal client: Employers who have serious employment issues or continue to ignore them - especially in industries such as Real Estate agencies, Gyms, Tradies, Architects, Manufacturing and Hospitality


Keynote Speaker Profile 31-01-18: Gio Silanesu

Name: Giovanni Silanesu

Business Name: Inspired Constructions

Position: Director

Problem you solve: We are residential construction specialists dealing in houses $400,000 and above

Brief business outline: We take the risk and lack of knowledge out of the building process so people can feel less stress about their laregest financial and sometimes emotional journey

Positioning Statement/USP: We educate our owners so they can make the right decissions

Ideal client: Professionals looking for a builder that provides education and value for money. Architects and Building Designers.

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Keynote Speaker Profile 17-01-18: Rodney Frampton

Name: Rodney Frampton

Business Name: Frampton Builders

Position: Builder

Problem you solve: We help our clients build their dream renovation

Brief business outline: We help our clients build their dream renovation. We are there with them from the planning stage of the project right to completion of the Job. We educat our clients throughout the renovation.

Positioning Statement/USP: Renovations built to measure, lifestyles built to last.

Ideal client: Someone who is looking to build their dream renovation.

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Keynote Speaker Profile 06-12-17: Linda Quinn

Name: Linda Quinn

Business Name: Quinn Legal Services Pty Ltd

Position: Director

Problem you solve: We assist clients to understand their legal rights and obligations giving them a better understanding of the options available to them

Brief business outline: We provide tailored strategic solutions for out clients situations

Positioning Statement/USP: Providing you with the tools to make the right decisions

Ideal client: Someone looking for a stepped estate planning strategy

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Keynote Speaker Profile 22-11-17: James Lo

Name: James Lo

Business Name: Cartridge World Greenslopes

Position: Owner

Problem you solve: Home and Office Printing Experts providing the right printer for your needs and reducing printing cost.

Brief business outline: Home based businesses and small to medium size businesses where printing is a requirement

Positioning Statement/USP: Customer service that goes beyond what you normally expect from retailer/supplier.

Ideal client: Medical Centres, Pharmacy, Schools, Car dealerships, Small Accounting practises, Small Law firms.

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Keynote Speaker Profile 08-11-17: Gabriel Kaszab

Name: Gabriel Kaszab

Business Name: Studio78

Position: Videographer

Problem you solve: Improve online brand image and client engagement.

Brief business outline: Help businesses with a video marketing strategy that will increase online customer engament.

Positioning Statement/USP: Engage / Connect / Grow

Ideal client: Growing business looking to utilise the power of storytelling through video

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Keynote Speaker Profile 01-11-17: Luke Forrest

Name: Luke Forrest

Business Name: Forrest Electrical Group

Position: Director

Problem you solve: Create simple but sophisticated solutions for peoples homes, offices or businesses relating to electrical, data, security and audio visual installations.

Brief business outline: Make life more enjoyable for our clients through great product knowledge, advice and installation.

Positioning Statement/USP: One stop shop for all electrical/data/audiovisual and security requirements.

Ideal client: Builders that want a no hassle installation by engaging one company to cover up to 5 trades.


Keynote Speaker Profile 18-10-17

Name: Anthony Randles

Business Name: Randles Property Maintenance

Position: Managing Director

Problem you solve: Any Repair and Maintenance Issue

Brief business outline: 24/7 Reactive Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

Positioning Statement/USP: We won't let you down

Ideal client: Retail and Hospitality Chains

Keynote Speaker Profile 11-10-17: Fred Banks

Name: Fred Banks

Business Name: Banks Lawyers Pty Ltd

Position: Director/Solicitor

Problem you solve: We help clients obtain compensation for injuries

Brief business outline: We are a small specialist law firm, providing personalised cost effective services on a No Win No Fee basis.

Positioning Statement/USP: Small law firm, with Big service

Ideal client: Anyone injured in Queensland or New South Wales

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Keynote Speaker Profile 04-10-17: Daniel Mathers

Name: Daniel Mathers

Business Name: DW Mathers & Co

Position: Principal and Chartered Accountant

Problem you solve: DW Mathers & Co is a specialist firm that provides expert advice in accounting, superannuation and taxation. We pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive and personally involved with your requirements. Our advice is always delivered in a clear and straightforward manner, without unnecessary jargon and complexities. We keep you informed, up-to-date and in control.

Brief business outline: DW Mathers & Co delivers professional accounting services that directly align with your business or financial goals. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your business and your circumstances. We then apply innovative strategies and customised solutions to provide relevant and expert guidance you can count on.

Positioning Statement/USP: It’s our strategic thinking and business acumen that delivers positive, relevant solutions for our clients. We have first-hand knowledge and experience in business, so we can deliver customised strategies to help you achieve your goals. We’ll develop a plan that not only addresses your immediate needs, but facilitates your future plans or growth. We know how to get you there. We’ll tailor a solution that’s right for you.

Ideal client: Small to medium sized businesses with turnovers from $250,000 - $25,000,000, SMSFs with a balance of $500,000 + and individuals with complex tax affairs.


Keynote Speaker Profile 27-9-17: Josh Smith

Name: Josh Smith

Business Name: Incentive Employment

Position: Director

Problem you solve: We take the hassle out of finding entry level staff by our recruitment model that brokers between many employment agencies and accessing subsidies for your business to reduce employment costs

Brief business outline: If you are looking for a new employee and want the benefits of a government employee wage subsidy, without all the hassle, you have come to the right place. We find, screen, interview and shortlist candidates suitable for your role FREE OF CHARGE. We do not charge a recruitment fee as we are paid by the employment agency for our placement and long-term employment outcomes.

Positioning Statement/USP: Reducing employment costs and accessing more candidates by shopping around at multiple employment agencies for jobseekers.

Ideal client: Large businesses with high volume entry-level staff