Crema Coffee Garage

Keynote Speaker Profile 01-02-17: Shannon Lockyer

Name: Shannon Lockyer

Business Name: Crema Coffee Garage

Position: Operations

Problem you solve: We assist & educate our customers so they can have the ultimate brew.

Brief business outline: The Crema Crew specialize in assisting and educating our customers so they can obtain their ultimate brewing experience.

Positioning Statement/USP: To say we are just a coffee or coffee machine company, is quite inaccurate. We have always delivered an extensive range of coffee specific services to our clients, with the prime objective of making their lives easier. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Our key company offerings are; Crema Coffee House our house brand of fresh roasted coffee, Crema Coffee Mechanics offering onsite & in-house machine repairs & Crema Coffee test drive facility where you can come in a take the machines for a test drive.

Ideal client: Small to large organisations OR the home user.